2017 Grand National Roadster Show

January 27, 2017 -- The longest running indoor car in the world, the Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS), is now in its 68th year. Held at the Fairplex in Ponoma, CA, this three-day event showcased more than 650 automobiles indoors and 1000 outdoors. Of the several awards that were presented, there’s one that is coveted by everyone in the hot rod industry – America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR). You might say it’s the Holy Grail of hot rods, and in terms of prestige, is not unlike the Oscar. In fact, the trophy, which stands at 9 feet, is surrounded by GNRS’s rendition of the Oscar statuette, only these statues are decked out in colors and patterns that you might see painted on fully customized street rods. The AMBR competition is open to all U.S. built roadsters, roadster pickups and touring vehicles 1937 and older, including designer roadsters that resemble a 1937 or older roadster. Overall stance, sound, how the owner fits in his own car, fit and finish, engineering and a multitude of other considerations such as body, paintwork, upholstery, and craftsmanship are considered. And the winner is…

America's Most Beautiful Roaster (AMBR)

A 1936 Packard Coach Built, Disappearing Top was crowned America's Most Beautiful Roadster at the 2017 Grand National Roadster Show - the first Packard to win in this Show's 68-year history. This dream car, which took six years to create, was made possible by Bruce Wanta, its owner, and the dedicated team at Hollywood Hot Rods. It takes only one look at the sleek and flowing body of this Mulholland Speedster to see how it came in first at the Grand National Roadster Show in what is typically a Ford-dominated competition. For more photos of the car, check out the below slideshow, and watch the video, where the owner talks about the creation of this special car.

America's Most Beautiful Roadster, Owned by Bruce Wanta: 1936 Packard with Disappearing Top Bruce Wanta wins America's Most Beautiful Roadster Award for his 1936 Packard Bruce Wanta and the Team that Created the 1936 Packard, 'Mulholland Speedster'


To be selected as finalist for the AMBR award is in itself quite an accomplishment. The other dozen contenders that made the cut were each exceptional builds representing both traditional hot rods and one-off masterpieces.

For a list of the other contenders for AMBR, toggle the list off and on
1937 Ford, Owned by Glen McElroy and Built by Rick Dore, Won the Outstanding Engineering Award 1932 Ford Pickup, Owned by Matthew Gordon, won The Outstanding Paint, Outstanding Undercarriage, and Outstanding Engine Awards 1928 Lincoln, Owned by Shawn Killion 1927 Dodge, Owned by Matt Taylor, Won the George Barris Kustom d'Elegance Award 1928 Ford, Owned by Bill Grant, Won the Outstanding Detail Award 1932 Ford, Owned by Dan Peterson, Won the Outstanding Interior Award 1932 Ford, Owned by Scott Hawley 1932 Ford Pickup, Owned by Don Lindfors \ 1929 Ford, Owned by Wayne Johnson . 1934 Ford, Owned by Jim McPherson . . 1932 Ford, Owned by Gordon Gray 1932 Ford, Owned by James Hetfield



Other Award Winners - Cars


In addition to crowing America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, the Grand National Roadster Show also presents awards to dozens of other top custom rods at the event. Here are some of the standouts that took home trophies for being the best in their category.

1957 Corvette -- Outstanding Individual Display and Outstanding Overall, Sports 1965 Dodge Dart -- Outstanding Overall, Street Machine 1967 Mustang 'Tomahawk' -- Outstanding Individual Display 1948 Chevy Pickup -- Outstanding Overall, Truck 1957 Nomad, Outstanding Overall -- Full/Radical,  Handbuilt Custom 1951 Mercury Lead Sled -- Outstanding Individual Display; Outstanding Interior, Custom; Triple Gun of Excellence; Outstanding Overall, Custom 1951 Ford -- Best Custom; Steve's Auto Restoration Award; Outstanding Individual Display 1941 Willys Coupe -- Oustanding Engine, Rod 1940 Ford Coupe -- Outstanding Overall, Custom Rod


America’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle


The Grand National Roadster Show also showcases the top builds in motorcycles. This year, America’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle award went to a totally hand-built custom bike named Xpression. The motorcycle was a Chip Foose design built by Ken Reister, and was patterned after the Foose 2006 AMBR-winning 1936 Ford roadster, named Impression. Here is Xpression, as well as some other eye-catching cycles at the show.


America's Most Beautiful Motorcycle, 'Xpression' Ken Reister’s Chip Foose-designed 'Xpression' with 2006 AMBR winning 'Impression' in the background 1949 Panther M100 1941 Harley 1951 Triump with Hauler 2015 Ursich Knucklehead


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