More Cars at the 2017 Grand National Roadster Show



Ray Everham and Candy Clark


January 27, 2017 -- Ray Evernham and Candy Clark were on hand at this year’s show greeting attendees and signing autographs. Alongside them was a 1958 Chevy Impala from the movie ‘American Graffiti.’ It was Ray’s shop that restored the Impala, and Candy was the bouffant blonde we saw in the movie, cruising in the iconic Chevy.


Ray Evernham and Candy Clark with 1958 Impala in Background 1958 Chevy Impala




The Southern California Woodie Club was out in force at the Grand National Roadster Show. This year, twice the number of Woodies came out to celebrate the Club's 20th Anniversary, and on awards day, the club won for Best Club Display.


			Buick Super Woodie 1938 Plymouth Westchester Suburban Woodie 1940 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon Woodie 1940 Ford Woodie 1940 Ford Woodie 1948 Mercury Woodie 1948 Pontiac Station Wagon Woodie 1950 Country Squire Woodie Wagon 1951 Mercury Woodie Wagon 1951 Mercury Woodie with 1961 Trailorboat 1967 Morris Traveler Woodie


Chevy Tri-5's: Over 100 Strong


A whole building full of Tri-5 Chevys showed up at Grand National Roadster Show (105 in all). To make room next year, they may need to set up outdoors.



Suede Palace


The Suede Palace at the Grand National Roadster Show is reserved for street cruising hot rods. These are home-built creations that embody the lifestyle of rebel customizers. Here is a look at some blasts from the past.



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