2017 Goodguys PPG Nationals




July 9, 2017 -- Once again, Goodguys pulled off another successful PPG Nationals at the Ohio Expo in Columbus, OH. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, they showcased more than 6,500 Rods, Customs, Classics, Muscle Cars and Trucks thru '72, and as is typically the case, had some great deals in their Swap Meet and Cars 4 Sale Corral. Of course, there was lots of Autocross excitement, as street machines, street rods, and trucks took to the pavement to show what they were made of. The highly-anticipated crowning of the Street Machine of the Year and Street Rod of the Year, and the unveiling of the Goodguys 2018 Giveaway Car were announced during the awards ceremony on Saturday.    There was also something new for the PPG Nationals this year. For car owners who like to show off their rides under the lights and out of the elements, there was an indoor car show.   What a great way to continue your 4th of July celebration!



Winner of 2017 Street Rod of the Year


This year’s winner of the Goodguys Street Rod of the Year was a traditional looking 1932 Ford Tudor, but this totally custom hot rod is anything but typical. Dressed in mile-deep black paint, with accents of gold trim throughout the body, this Y-Block powered creation is worth the time to study all the modifications that have been made to this high-end build. The exceptionalism of this understated beauty is in the details. No doubt the owner, George Poteet, hit another home run. Earlier this year, he made it into the Great 8 with this Tudor, and this car’s been selected as top Street Rod by the Goodguys judges.



George Poteet Wins Street Rod of the Year for his 1932 Ford Tudor 1932 Ford Tudor, Owned by George Poteet of Memphis, TN

The other 4 finalists for Street Rod of the Year (shown in below 11 contenders) were:


  • 1935 Chevy coupe, owned by David Thomas
  • 1933 Ford 3-window coupe, owned by Sonny Freeman
  • 1932 Ford 3-window, owned by Tim Wilson
  • 1938 Graham coupe, owned by Mike Markin



2017 Street Rod of the Year Contenders


1934 Ford 5-Window Coupe, Owned by John Martin of Nixo, MO 1932 Ford 3-Window, Owned by Oscar Gamble of Paducah, KY 1932 Ford 3-Window, Owned by Tim Wilson of Poteau, OK 1932 Ford, Owned by Erik Hansen of Pleasanton, CA 1932 Ford High Boy 5-Window, Owned by William Kilpatrick of Ontario, NV 1932 Ford, Owned by Noel Irvin of Cypress, TX 1932 Ford Tudor, Owned by George Poteet of Memphis, TN 1933 Ford 3-Window Coupe, Owned by Sonny Freeman of Lafayette, LA 1935 Chevy 3-Window, Owned by David Thomas of West Chester, PA 1938 Graham, Owned by Mark Markin of Eau Claire, WI 1930 Ford Model A, Owned by Denny Terzich of Pittsburgh, PA


Winner of 2017 Street Machine of the Year


There’s nothing subtle about this year’s Street Machine of the Year winner, a highly-modified 1969 Camaro, sporting bright yellow paint and contrasting black wheels, grill, and trim. Then, there’s the body itself, which has been renovated to give it a more edgy/modern appearance. It’s the owner’s (John Wilkus), vision what the iconic 1st generation Camaro would look like today with all new technology.



John Wilkus Wins Street Machine of the Year for his 1969 Camaro 1969 Camaro, Owned by John Wilkus of Lakeville, MN

The other 4 finalists for Street Machine of the Year (shown in below 13 contenders) were:


  • 1970 ‘Cuda, owned by Casey Hornik
  • 1969 Camaro, owned by Don Atkinson
  • 1966 Split Ray Corvette, owned by Dennis Johnson
  • 1971 Camaro, owned by Rob Roberts



2017 Street Machine of the Year Contenders


1955 Chevy Bel Air, Owned by Jay Clifton of Indiana 1955 Chevy Nomad, Owned by Noah Alexander of St. Louis, MO 1956 VW, Owned by Rob Freeman of Watertown, NY 1964 Corvette, Owned by Harold Michael of Hamilton, MI 1966 Corvette, Owned by Dennis Johnson of South Hero, VT 1966 Mustang, Owned by Terry Mihour of Columbus, IN 1967 Camaro, Owned by Gary Popolizio of North Wales, PA 1967 Chevy C10, Owned by Rod Parsons of Ripley, WV 1969 Camaro, Owned by Don Atkinson of Onalajka, WI 1969 Camaro, Owned by John Wilkus of Lakeville, MN 1969 Camaro, Owned by Rich Mutert of Foristell, MO 1960 Cuda, Owned by Casey Hornik, of Lemont, IL 1971 Camaro, Owned by Rob Roberts of Houston, TX



Autocross Action


The autocross pit area vibrated with engine music all weekend long, as fast cars and trucks of all makes and models maneuvered the cone-laden autocross track. When the tire smoke cleared, it was Ryan Mathews, driving Detroit Speed’s ’72 Corvette, who posted the fastest time in the Pro Class. Here are some of the other competitors and winners who carved up the asphalt in an exciting autocross weekend in Columbus.


Ryan Mathews, Autocross Pro-Class Winner - '72 Corvette Danny Popp, Autocross Shootout Winner - '72 Corvette Cars That Competed in the Autocross Shootout Matthew Braun, Street Machine Autocross Winner - '70 Chevelle Aarik Gault, Truck Autocross Winner - '66 GMC


Ryan Mathews, Winner of 2017 Goodguys PPG Nationals Autocross Pro Class




Indoor Car Show


Trend Setters Car: GTP Special, 1969 Torino 1932 Ford 1951 Ford 1938 Lincoln Zephyr 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 1969 Mustang 1971 Camaro



Other Eye-catching Cars


1930 Ford Model A 1936 Chevy Pickup 1937 Cord Westchester 812 1937 Ford 1946 Dodge Pickup 1947 Mercury 1949 Ford Pickup 1950 Studebaker 1951 Ford Pickup 1954 Chevy COE Tourliner 1954 Corvette 1954 Ford Pickup 1956 Thunderbird 1957 Chevy Gasser 1958 Corvette 1942 Diamond T Pickup 1967 Pontiac GTO 1955 GMC Truck 1968 Dodge Charger 1970 Plymouth Cuda 1941 Ford (Gold Standard) 1958 Chevy Impala 1950 Ford F1