2017 Virginia Half Mile Shootout



July 30, 2017 -- The wannaGOFAST crew took over Ingalls Field July 30 and July 31 to stage the Virginia Half Mile Shootout, one in a series of speed events scheduled throughout the summer. Held along a flat mountain top near Hot Springs, Virginia, Ingalls Field, at 3,700 feet, is the highest public airport east of the Mississippi. Its mile-long runway is perfect for drag racing, allowing plenty of room to decelerate after hitting the speed trap at the half-mile point. Here is where a group of guys, who just "wanna go fast," came to burn some rubber and set some records in their muscle cars, high performance sports cars, exotics, and plain old monster motor cars.


If you like fast cars and the sound of revving engines, this was the place to be. The day eClassicAutos was onsite, we found that a Challenger Hellcat can run 145 to 150 mph in one half mile, that if the HP is pumped up in a Vette, it will run over 180 mph, and if you can afford a new Lamborghini Huracan, it's possible to join the 200 mph club. Here are some of the sights and sounds of the Virginia Half Mile Shootout.


Staging Lane Corvette Versus Pantera Pantera Ready to Launch Viper Versus Hellcat Corvette Versus Fox-Body Mustang Mustang off the Line Camaro off the Line Lamborghini Moving Up the Line Green Light Cobra Versus Mercedes-Benz Viper Versus Corvette Godzilla Versus Corvette Viper and Corvette Down the Runway Mustang Has Ferrari Off the Line Camaro Versus Corvette Hellcat Versus Charger Chevy NASCAR Versus Porsche Pair of Hellcats off the Line Mustang Blows Engine at the Finish Line Lamborghini Huracan (Fasted on Race Day -- 222 mph) Time to Take Toys Home



Video Clips from Virginia Half Mile Shootout



Hellcat Versus Camaro


Off the Line


1957 Chevy Bel Air


At the Finish Line


Cobra and Lamborghini