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virginia city hot august nights

2015 Hot August Nights

The 2015 Hot August Nights event, which began its two-day kickoff in Virginia City and then will continue on to Reno-Sparks for another eight days of cruises, Show-n-Shines, Drag Races, Burnouts, and an autocross is in its 29th year of celebrating the classic car. Open to all 1976 and older vehicles, including pickup size trucks and emergency vehicles, this year more than 6,000 vehicles are expected to be seen motoring through the streets of Reno.  Read More.

Mustang GT350R

Most Race-Ready Mustang
Ever: The Shelby GT350R

The sixth generation Mustang, the S550, hasn't yet reached its first year anniversary, and Ford has already added another thoroughbred to its line up, this time the ultimate track star. Along with the high performance GT model and the basic Shelby GT350 model, which was built to run on road courses, there's a new kid in town -- the Shelby GT350R.  Read More.

Vacation on West Coast

Favorite Vacation Spots in
the Wild, Wild West

The natural beauty and unique scenery of the western states have attracted visitors ever since Lewis and Clark opened the door to this region. It's hard to explain, but the land looks bigger and the skies seem brighter once you cross the Continental Divide.   Read More.

dream cars

2015 Goodguys Columbus PPG Nationals

The 18th annual Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH wrapped up three days of "Full Throttle Fun," with more than 6,200 hot rods, muscle cars, classics, and trucks in attendance. It was a veritable feast of color, chrome, innovation, creativity, and raw unadulterated power.  Read More.

dream cars

Indianapolis Museum of Art Dream Cars

A very special collection of automotive design masterpieces, appropriately named "Dream Cars," are at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana through August 23, 2015. They were built without compromise to production costs, practicality, or even the technology limitations of the day.  Read More.

cars at mecum spring indy

2015 Raleigh Classic Auction

If you're looking for one of those auctions where you can see hundreds of Detroit's best classics, the Raleigh Classic auction, in the city by the same name, is the one for you. It's as though all the "survivor" cars from the '40s to the '80s come together here to find a new owner.  Read More.

cars at mecum spring indy

2015 Mecum Spring Classic

Mecum wrapped up its 28th annual Indy auction Saturday night to an enthusiast group of spectators and bidders. The highly-anticipated sale of the 1958 Corvette Fuelies (eight of them, each decked out in the colors offered that year) was successful, with all of them being sold.   Read More.

buick roadmaster auctions america

2015 Spring Auctions America Auburn

Auctions America just wrapped up its 2015 spring event at the Auburn Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana, where more than 700 American muscle cars, classics, exotic sports cars, hot rods, and motorcycles were showcased in a combination auction, car corral, and AACA Meet.  Read More.

carlisle spring field of cars

2015 Spring Carlisle Revs Up in Carlisle, PA

Despite chilly temperatures and cloudy skies, it was full steam ahead for another exciting Spring Carlisle. Although the first full day of the car show, swap meet, car corral, and car auction was a little cool, the fun and the deals were hot all weekend long. Here is some of what we saw.  Read More.